The concept of the Smart City hinges on data interconnection and relies heavily on technology. The convergence of various interconnection technologies is vital for the transformation of our traditional cities into sustainable and efficient Smart Cities. In these urban centers, information is not only readily available but also easily accessible and actionable.

Information steering and management

Internet Of Things (IoT)


Our solution through video…

About stormwater

For a long time, rainwater has been regarded as a byproduct of bad weather, but it is, in fact, a valuable water resource that can be utilized by communities.

Our solution aims to optimize  stormwater network management while achieving significant savings in human resources.

Our fully waterproof Nivobox V sensor can be effortlessly installed and connected using open-source IoT and GSM networks. With its long-lasting battery for energy autonomy, the installation process is straightforward and non-intrusive.

Our offer

Through our dedicated NIVOBOX solutions, we promote a more efficient utilization of water networks while effectively managing risks associated with weather events.

Our comprehensive solution

Enables you to gain a detailed understanding of how your equipment operates and optimize their usage.

Information steering and management

  • Weather monitoring
  • Infrastructure and machinery surveillance
  • Customizable alarms
  • Dashboards tracking site and machinery behavior
  • Anticipation of maintenance operations
  • Optimization of site and machinery management


  • Description and specific technical parameters
  • Maintenance guides
  • Intervention calendar with notifications
  • Interactive maintenance log
  • Useful contacts
  • Individual alert configuration
  • Overview of sites