What is Nivotech ? 

Nivotech addresses environmental challenges by providing intelligent water and energy management and optimization systems. Our comprehensive solutions are based on IoT and AI technologies, facilitating the collection and analysis of data generated by our installations (Nivobox V and PW).

In practical terms…

Nivotech has developed 2 comprehensive solutions, one aimed at reducing and improving energy consumption of buildings in the third and industrial sectors, and the other at optimizing the operation of water networks .

These solutions result in savings in human resources, improved equipment lifespan, and considerable time savings.

We have created the Nivodesk application, through which our clients benefit from tailored access to the data collected via IoT technologies (and AI for energy).


Nivotech is situated at the heart of the Arbois-Mediterranean Environmental Technopole, the foremost technopole in France dedicated to environmental endeavors. Positioned within the Aix-Marseille Metropolis, honored as the European Capital of Innovation 2023, our strategic location cultivates environmental innovation and fortifies our commitment to tackling tomorrow’s pivotal challenges. We are dedicated to positively influencing environmental preservation and are bolstered by the active support of our region in fulfilling this mission.

The challenges 

Recognized by ADEME as a company committed to ecological transition, our firm offers solutions addressing the following challenges:

Resources mobilization

Reduced interventions resulting in time savings and decreased production costs (travel, personnel, damage, and maintenance).

Reducing greenhouse gases

  • System malfunction alarms
  • Optimization of movements

Preservation and optimization of resources

Recognizing the critical significance of water and energy resources, our solutions are finely tailored to meet the unique needs and demands of each situation. Through a holistic and intelligent approach, leveraging data collection and AI technologies, notably through digital twinning, we ensure optimal adaptation and performance.

Protection of people and infrastructure

  • Asset management
  • Alarms
  • Predictive maintenance

Preserving energy is a critical imperative for our modern society. Given its role in powering almost every facet of our lives, its consumption yields substantial environmental repercussions, including CO2 emissions and depletion of natural resources. Through sustainable management and enhanced energy efficiency, we can conserve energy, diminish our carbon footprint, safeguard the environment, and secure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Preserving water resources is a paramount concern for our societies. While water is a vital resource, it faces escalating threats from climate change, pollution, and overexploitation. It is our collective duty to advocate for sustainable water management, enhance water efficiency, and safeguard this common good.