Our goal?

Providing you with the necessary tools to optimize your buildings through our Nivobox PW and our data collection and analysis system based on IoT and AI technology.

Our solution to optimize your energy consumption consommation and make significant  savings

Our Nivobox PW sensor can be installed in just 1 minute on your heat pump. Non-invasive to your installations, eco-friendly, and energy self-sufficient, it allows for the interpretation of your collected data through learning and analysis.

Our intelligent data collection sensor


To ensure reliable, efficient, and high-frequency data, Nivotech has designed a fully autonomous IoT sensor (Internet of Things) sensor called Nivobox PW.


This sensor can be installed without tools and in a non-intrusive manner on any heat pump, covering a measurement range from 0 to 450 Amperes per phase.


It takes measurements every 5 minutes, securely transmitting the data to Nivotech’s servers, which are accessible in 100 countries worldwide.


A SaaS solution enabling intelligent data analysis through AI and IoT.


Measurement frequency every 5 minutes.


Configurable consumption alerts (sent via SMS or email)

real-time monitoring

Detailed and structured device tracking dashboards accessible in 100 countries.


Anticipation of maintenance operations


Monitoring of consumption and energy performance

How to install and connect the Nivobox PW sensor?

No technical expertise is required for installing the Nivobox PW. It comes with a universal plug-in.

2 available connection options:

The use of solar panels to power the Nivobox PW (only outdoors), a non-intrusive and eco-friendly system.

The traditional connection via an electrical power outlet to power the Nivobox PW (indoors and outdoors if possible).

In order to produce this video, the heat pump was switched off. Only a certified professional, equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE), is authorized to carry out this operation.