Building owners and managers are faced with the need to optimize their energy consumption. This entails providing flexible, pleasant, and energy-efficient spaces. Investing in improving energy performance helps increase the value of their real estate assets.


Industrial buildings require a tailored approach that addresses the unique needs and demands of the industrial environment. They are engineered to fulfill production, storage, and distribution requirements while facing stringent energy optimization constraints. Investing in energy efficiency enhances the overall effectiveness of the industrial operations.


Enhancing the energy performance of public buildings stands as a paramount priority for local authorities, placing energy transition at the forefront of their concerns. Mastering their energy consumption serves as both a public interest initiative and a determining example for other sectors.

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As a proponent of the Nivotech Power solution, you can provide your clients with a comprehensive and innovative solution for optimizing heat pumps. Nivotech Power combines intelligent and efficient offerings to meet your clients’ needs. Our Nivodesk platform centralizes and analyzes collected data, enabling proactive and personalized management of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems.

With Nivotech Power, your clients will benefit from a solution that not only enhances the energy performance of their buildings but also improves their operational profitability. Trust Nivotech Power to deliver cutting-edge energy management and an optimal user experience.