Nivodesk, your interface for data collection and analysis

The Nivodesk platform gathers collected data for analysis along with malfunction alerts. It is accessible for use by both clients and operators.


Detailed mapping with location, plan, photos, and installation condition.


Customizable alarms sent via SMS or email.


Secure server and communication means certified under ISO 27001.

Qu’est ce que Nivodesk ? 

Nivodesk is a dashboard that enables you to access both the data gathered by the sensors and the interpretations provided by AI, along with the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Predictive maintenance

Calculation of COP and KPIs

Data extraction

Downloadable deliverables and resources to meet the requirements of the tertiary decree.

Artificial Intelligence

Performance indicators enabling, through a digital twin, the attainment of the building’s ideal consumption.

The Nivodesk plateform

The results are accessible through our Nivodesk web application, delivering Energy Performance Indicators (EPIs). These include comparisons with benchmark values and thresholds, electricity consumption based on external temperature, a rolling-year history of accumulations, alerts for overconsumption, analysis of overconsumption to identify potential malfunction causes, and periodic EPI tracking reports available in presentation format (PowerPoint), with data accessible in various formats such as CSV and Excel.